Angle grinder

Light and comfortable to handle machine with feedback electronic speed stabiliziation, suited to grind and finish with surface considiotioning , unitized, trizact and all sorts of products that would melt or be damaged at a standard angle grinder speed.
Suited as well for grinding and polishing stone.



Model Power input Speed Dimensions Ø Max Spindle Weight
SME 1.200W 3.500/6.500 303x72x80mm 125mm M14/22mm 2,0Kg
SME-LS 1.200W 1.700/3.700 303x72x80mm 125mm M14/22mm 2,0Kg

Angle grinder 230

Powerful professional angle grinder, ideal for grinding and cutting. The Anti-vibration side handle allows working in hard but comfortable. The 2500w motor is equipped with variable full wave feedback electronic speed control for a smooth even finish. No matter the load, the motor keeps the same even speed.



Power input Speed Dimensions Ø Max Spindle Weight
2.500W 3.000/6.500 504x240x146mm 125mm M14/22mm 2,0Kg